Selected Poems



  • The Millions "Must-Read Poetry" review (October 3, 2017). 
  • Publishers Weekly review (September 18, 2017).
  • Library Journal review (with fellow NPS winners, July 10, 2017)


"This essay laced that scenic conflict with [my] student’s experience of practiced invisibility as an illegal immigrant, how even as children he and his sisters learned to stifle their breath if the car was pulled over, or each time they walked into a government building. And though I’m an immigrant too, the immigrant experience in this country is so diverse, complex and layered that I never experienced that kind of self-quieting, such lack of breath at the appearance of a siren or the brick of a schoolhouse, but this student—at only twenty years old—made me feel that. As the writer, he controlled my breath as reader.

That is the kind of writing at stake in the classroom, particularly here at the border, because the people driven to study writing, the people so committed to writing, are often brought to the workshop because there is something terribly at risk, and exigent, in the stories they need to tell."  [ more ]